November 28, 2008

Its all about Boxes

Just a few more in case anyone needs them The Gary Barlow one if for Vicki My eldest daughter who says she would like to live on a desert island with Gary and Ferrero Rocher chocolates so no guesses for what's going in the box Gave him a Santa hat as an afterthought

November 27, 2008

Another " Girly Card"

Yet another girly card for a friends 11 year old I really like the colour combination of this card

November 21, 2008

Johns card for Christmas

My OH loves the wild birds that come to feed and use the bird bath in our garden So I thought that this country snowman with the birds would make and ideal card for him

November 16, 2008

Ice cream or Hot Chocolate card

Just a fun card Mostly done on the printer in Greeting card factory apart from the bow and the glitter

November 12, 2008

Pink and Girly

For a budding Ballerina

November 09, 2008

Bevs Blog Candy

Some great "Blog Candy" on All the things I Love Bevs fantastic blog Go take a look You wont be disappointed

Its a blue and Brown one this time

Another of those unconventional coloured cards

November 05, 2008

November 03, 2008

Christmas Money Holders

Great to use for all the ones you don't know what sort of present to buy

November 02, 2008

A Christmas house printable

Loads of time to mess about on the computer today so here's the first house I have done Erased all the black fold lines but its easy to fold and stick